Selling Microsoft

Leading Is Different from Managing

Having financial ownership in a company doesn't mean you automatically have leadership, nor does being a manager make you a leader.

Ratcheting Down the Fear in Scary Times

We don't need the approach of Halloween to realize that it's a scary world out there.

Growing Your Company: The Power of Net-New

Partners who focus on net-new clients will see growth; but you'll need focus and correct execution to really pull out a win.

Compensation in the Clouds

Once you're clear on strategic objectives, you can begin to build a sales compensation plan for your BPOS practice.

A Walkthrough of a Broken Organization

Strategic sales management is often a weak link in solution provider companies.

Finding Some Sales Sanity in 2010

Last year may have been a depressing one for sales teams, but every difficult situation has a lesson in it.

Bringing a Little Personality to Sales

Selling based on your buyer's personality can help increase your sales volume and improve your velocity.

Nice Guys Can Finish First

The temptation to strike fear into the hearts of your salespeople can become overpowering at this time of the year, but there are better ways to get results.

6 Time-Management Tips for Sales Leaders

Some general recommendations for making the weakest link in your company the strongest one.

Web Wise on the Sales Side

Partner Web sites should be more than marketing vehicles -- they should be sales tools as well.

Make Monday Morning Meetings Count

Get on the right track and start your week off with a well-informed, well-organized game plan.

Sprint to the Finish -- in a Whole New Race

You may have a sense of urgency driven by end-of-year deadlines for quotas or bonuses, but you need to show prospects how moving forward at this point will benefit <i>them</i>.

How Do You Measure Sales Success?

Some easy dashboard metrics for partners who want to squeeze as much as they can from their strategic sales-management plans.

Taking a Vertical View

What does it take to tackle a niche market? Ken has some advice before jumping in.

10 Tips for Selling Successfully When Times Are Tough

Microsoft partners can blunt the impact of the recession by maintaining focus with these handy tips.