CISPE and Microsoft in Cloud Competition Talks

The Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe organization and Microsoft are in discussions to resolve competition issues in Europe.

Closeup of a humanoid face

Microsoft Previews Face Check for Identity Verifications

Face Check in Microsoft Entra Verified ID is now available as a preview.

Microsoft Beefs Up the Intune Suite

Microsoft added three new capabilities to its Intune Suite.

Microsoft Copilots for Sales and Service Now at General Availability

The Copilot for Sales and Copilot for Service artificial intelligence products are now commercially released.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro Getting Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft 365 apps, including Microsoft Teams, will be available for use on the Apple Vision Pro headset, starting on Feb. 2.

Microsoft Introduces SharePoint Embedded in Visual Studio Code

Microsoft has added a Visual Studio Code extension for SharePoint Embedded preview.

Microsoft Unveils Windows Server 2025 Product Name

The new name of Microsoft's next Windows Server product is "Windows Server 2025," Microsoft revealed on Friday.

Hewlett Packard E-Mails Exfiltrated by Midnight Blizzard

Hewlett Packard Enterprise's e-mail was tapped by a threat actor called "Midnight Blizzard" for several months last year.

Mesh in Teams Now Generally Available

Mesh in Microsoft Teams is now at the "general availability" commercial-release stage.

Microsoft Focuses on Partners' AI Readiness with New Benefit Packages

Microsoft on Monday unveiled three new benefits packages for its partners, each aimed at specific levels of technical readiness and expanding opportunities for partners to test drive Microsoft's AI products.

Microsoft Corporate E-Mails Tapped by Russian Attackers

Some Microsoft e-mails were exfiltrated by "Midnight Blizzard," a Russia-sponsored attack group.

Microsoft Announces New Education Focused AI Features

In a bid to aid both educators and students, Microsoft is bringing many new AI-focused enhancements across its services.

A plane with a banner trailing beneath it

Microsoft Previews Copilots for Viva Engage and Power BI

Copilot previews for Viva Engage and for Power BI were released by Microsoft this week.

Microsoft Copilot Pro Subscription Service Now Available

Microsoft this week unveiled Copilot Pro, its new AI-powered subscription service.

Azure AI Startups Program Expanded by Microsoft

Microsoft expanded its free Azure artificial intelligence resource program for startup developer companies.

Microsoft Touts Security Copilot for Emerging Threats

Organizations will need artificial intelligence tools to address coming attacks that will leverage AI, Microsoft suggested.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise To Acquire Juniper Networks for $14B

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) will pay about $14 billion to buy Juniper Networks, per a Tuesday announcement.

OpenAI's Nonprofit Status Questioned by Public Citizen

Public Citizen has asked California's attorney general to investigate OpenAI's nonprofit status.

Microsoft Server Products Ending in 2024

Some notable Microsoft server products will reach their "end of support" phases this year.

Copilot in Viva Glint Now at Private Preview

Microsoft plans to release a private preview of Copilot in Viva Glint, starting this month.