Navigating Microsoft

Will Google Disrupt the Microsoft Channel?

Microsoft is usually the one to beat. But we're talking search, so this means Microsoft is looking up to a larger foe in Google.

11 Things to Know About...WPC 2010

If you're attending Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2010 in Washington D.C. this July, here's 11 things to keep you eye out for.

Clouds: Shifting the Business Model

Now that Microsoft Windows Azure and SQL Azure are commercially available, partners need to consider how the company's new cloud services will change the landscape of how software and services are delivered.

Microsoft and HP: Eyeing Their Next Move

Now that Oracle has completed its Sun acquisition, HP and Microsoft renew their alliance. Partners are watching to see if and where they fit in the great game among the giant IT vendors.

Marching Orders 2010

Are we continuing in a recession or coming out of one? No one can be sure. In our fourth annual Marching Orders feature, RCP's experts offer advice to put your company in good stead either way.

Cutting LARs to the Bone

For LARs, recent changes to the way Microsoft treats its reseller channel have really hurt.

Microsoft, Partners Fumbling Toward Community

As part of the recent overhaul of its partner program, Microsoft made a big bet on leveraging existing social networks.

Partner Hosting Still Has a Future

Long the subject of benign neglect, the Services Provider License Agreement has been rejuvenated in the last year with significant program changes.

Will the BPOS Price Cuts Hurt Partners?

Some partners worry that Microsoft is undercutting the value proposition of Exchange, selling below cost to fend off Google.

Will the BPOS Price Cuts Hurt Partners?

Microsoft's decision to slash the price of Business Productivity Online Suite from $15 to $10 per month is not sitting well with some of its partners.

Ready, Set ... Wait and See

Services Ready is a good idea, but it won't work in the long run unless Microsoft gets over it's paralyzing paranoia.

SMB Partners Hedge Their Bets

Attendees at SMB Nation 2009 assert their independence from Microsoft amid slowly improving market conditions.

Making the Most of BPOS

Chicago-based PointBridge sprinted out of the gate with the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite -- to the tune of $640,000 in revenues in one year. Co-founder Todd Golden tells RCP how PointBridge did it.

From the MSPP to the MPN

Partners have 16 months to make the transition from the 6-year-old Microsoft Partner Program structure to the framework of the new Microsoft Partner Network.

Flinders Named Co-Chief for Microsoft U.S. Partner Group

Deshaies moves on to unspecified project for Microsoft U.S. Leadership Team, and Watson moves other executives around her WPG orgchart.