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Ballmer: Business Users Will 'Love' Windows 8 and RT Tablets

Despite tepid enthusiasm among businesses for Microsoft's new tablet-oriented Windows 8 and RT operating system launched last week, the software giant is confident they will move to the new platform.

Windows 8 and Surface RT Hit Retail Shelves

Microsoft's new Windows 8 client operating system and the Windows RT-based Surface tablet both hit the general availability milestone on Friday.

Windows 8 and Surface Launch Microsoft into New Era

Microsoft on Thursday began a crucial new era in its history as it launched its first-ever computer, the Surface -- a slick new system that functions as both a tablet device and notebook PC.

Microsoft OEMs Share Surface's Limelight with Windows 8/RT Devices

The Surface RT isn't the only game in town when it comes to Windows 8/RT devices. Key OEM partners are launching a new class of devices based on the most significant revamp of Windows in more than two decades.

Windows 8 Not a Cure for Microsoft's OS Market Slide, Forrester Says

Windows 8 will not arrive on time to help Microsoft's foundering OS market share, according to a new report from Forrester Research titled "Windows: The Next Five Years."

Microsoft Answers Surface Design Questions in Web Q&A

Microsoft's Surface team took to Reddit on Tuesday to answer some questions about the new tablet device, which is now available for preordering.

Microsoft Reveals Pricing for Surface RT, Takes Preorders

Microsoft is now taking advance orders for its Windows RT-based Surface "tablet PC," the company announced on Tuesday.

Windows 8 Ultrabooks Gallery: The First Wave

With Windows 8 comes a new category of hardware -- touch-capable Ultrabooks. While most models are under wraps until the OS launch, a few vendors including HP, Dell and Acer have made their designs public.

Microsoft Confirms Windows Phone 8 Launch Date

Confirming earlier rumors, Microsoft will officially launch Windows Phone 8 on Oct. 29 in San Francisco.

Microsoft To Buy Mobile Security Company PhoneFactor

Microsoft is acquiring PhoneFactor, a provider of mobile-based authentication solutions, the two companies announced on Thursday.

Microsoft, RIM Strike Patent Licensing Deal

Microsoft and mobile device maker Research In Motion (RIM) have inked an intellectual property agreement related to Microsoft's Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) technology.

Reports: Windows Phone 8 Has Reached RTM

The next generation of Microsoft's flagship smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 8, reached the release-to-manufacturing milestone late last week, according to multiple outlets.

Samsung, Nokia Unveil First Windows Phone 8 Devices

Nokia highlights wireless charging for new Lumias; Samsung device has storage options and a MicroSD slot.

Nokia Enters Windows Phone 8 Era with Two New Lumia Smartphones

One week after Samsung announced the first Windows Phone 8 device, Microsoft and Nokia took the wraps off two more devices running the forthcoming smartphone OS -- the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.

Report: Windows Phone 8 To Launch Late October

Windows Phone 8, the next generation of Microsoft's flagship smartphone operating system, will officially launch on Oct. 29, according to a report by veteran Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley.

Microsoft SkyDrive Hits Android Phones

The SkyDrive 1.0 app is now available for Android smartphones at the Google Play Store, Microsoft announced on Tuesday.

5 Best Windows Phone 7 Devices: A Recap

WEB EXCLUSIVE: With Microsoft set to release Windows Phone 8 in just a few weeks, RCP takes a look back at the top five devices of the Windows Phone 7 era.

Despite Partner Grumblings, Microsoft Touts Windows RT's Ecosystem Success

Bucking expectations that its engineers would have to create several versions of Windows RT to address multiple form factors, Microsoft on Monday announced it has created one Windows RT binary to rule them all.

Report: Microsoft Is Consulting with Acer on Surface Pricing

Microsoft hardware partner Acer is consulting with Redmond over potential pricing for the forthcoming Surface tablet, according to a report by Digitimes.

What Microsoft's About-Face on Office 365 Billing Means

Despite snubbing its OEMs with the Surface, Microsoft's decision to allow direct billing with Office 365 shows that Redmond still has its partners' back.