Microsoft Partner Network (MPN)

iPad Apps for Microsoft Partners, Editor's Cut: Here Are 24 More

Once again, RCP slogged through the App Store to spotlight the most interesting iPad apps. Last time, we brought you 23. This time, we more than doubled that number, bringing the total to 47. Some are free, others are expensive, but all have potential for integration into Microsoft partner-provided solutions.

Microsoft Puts Dynamics Franchising Plan on Hold

Microsoft has tabled a plan that would allow small Dynamics partners to become franchisees of larger integrators.

Q&A: Why Should Dynamics Partners Franchise? (UPDATED)

Microsoft's Kristi Hofer, who has crisscrossed the country talking up Microsoft's proposed plan to create a franchise model for Dynamics partners, recently sat down with RCP to explain what such a model would mean for the MPN.

Dynamics Franchising: Microsoft Pushes the McDonald's Model (UPDATED)

Many small partners won't qualify for a gold competency under the new MPN. Merging with larger partners is one option, but many partners are reluctant to give up their independence. Now Microsoft is considering franchising as an alternative.

Microsoft Partner Network: Questions Answered in Online Partner Forum

In a channel network that's 640,000 strong, it's a tall order to address the multitude of questions, concerns and grievances that partners may have. Thankfully, the leaders of Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Group seemed eager to hear them all.

Consolidation in the Microsoft Channel

As the IT industry matures, mergers and acquisitions dominate the channel landscape.

Dynamics: The Power of Referral

Will a new program that pays partners for Dynamics leads reach critical mass and spur similar programs within Microsoft?

BPOS Billing Reaction Floods In

If Microsoft doesn't get BPOS billing right, the sharks will certainly be circling.

Clouding the MPN's Future

What happens in one part of Microsoft doesn't always sync with what happens in another. And that can spell trouble for partners.

Marching Orders 2011

As the cloud fills every inch of the IT sky, and the Microsoft Partner Network goes into full effect, RCP's panel of experts offer their best tips for your business to thrive.

Microsoft Execs: Who's Who?

It's been a year of change and turnover among partner-facing Microsoft executives. Here's an org chart for partners.

Some Partners Get the White-Glove Treatment

Microsoft executives know the switch to the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) is delicate.

Switch Is Flipped on Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft on Monday formally flipped the switch on the final, and biggest, step in launching the Microsoft Partner Network, the first major overhaul in seven years of Microsoft's program for engaging its 640,000 partners.

11 Key Things About the New Microsoft Partner Network

For Microsoft's roughly 400,000 formal partners, the changeover this month to a new partner program means that everything from business cards to business practices will change.

Acquisitions, Expansions Among NSIs

Tallan buys twentysix New York, Sapient expands.