Hey, Microsoft: Don't Shoot the Message

Microsoft's message is at times layered thick with marketspeak, so it's up to all of us to let Microsoft know whether or not we hear their message clearly.

New Wisdom for Old Services

As Microsoft moves into the online hosting space, partners need to pay close attention to not only what the company is saying, but what it's actually doing as well.

Cloudy Future for Business IT

Cloud-based computing gets legs, and so does business in the cloud.

Microsoft's EBC: Symbol of Openness, Great Partner Perk

At Building 33 on the Microsoft campus, you'll find a partner incubator that insiders call the "East Wing."

Pushing Partners to Plan for Success

To break into the enterprise sales segment, you first have to prove to Microsoft that you have the right stuff.

Software as a Question Mark (Saa?)

The mystery is what how Microsoft plans to handle the online counterparts to its service offerings.

Microsoft, MCS and Partners: A Most Delicate Dance

Microsoft makes another run at bringing in new enterprise-grade integration business via its consulting force. Will it work this go-round?

Tight Relationships Require Trust

What would partnering look like if you had all the money, hardware and people you could imagine to throw into your relationship with Microsoft?

Microsoft Faces Reality About the Future of Computing

Will the desktop computing model last into the next decade? Microsoft thinks so, yet it's begun to prepare for a future where desktops reign no longer.

Microsoft, Services and Partners: Survival of the Fittest

Partners need to be nimble when Redmond ventures into new territories, but they also have to wait.

All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go

Take steps ahead of time to ensure a successful Microsoft partnership on products that will succeed.

Small Partner, Big Noise

To get noticed, and get business, be strategic in communicating with Microsoft.

Will Greater Influence Lead to Greater Affluence?

Microsoft's Partner Influence Program is a step in the right direction, especially when partners could be selling Linux instead.

Standing on the Platform of a Giant

What company has technology that may not be leading edge, but is often easier to deploy and has the support of thousands who use it and have created a myriad number of solutions that might fit you and your partner's needs?

Channel Surfing for Partners

Filter out Vista noise -- it's really about business customers.