CEO 3.0

Microsoft partners want many things from Satya Nadella. The new Microsoft CEO has already hinted at what he'll give them, what he won't and what's negotiable.


How Microsoft Licensing Is Throttling Desktop as a Service

By Michael Fraser

SMBs are ready for Microsoft to let DaaS out of the box now, but Microsoft licensing policies are holding the market back, argues VDI consultant Michael Fraser.

CEO 3.0: What Microsoft's Partners Want from Satya Nadella

By Scott Bekker

Public statements so far from Satya Nadella provide a strong hint of what the new Microsoft CEO will give partners, what he won't and what's negotiable.


Windows XP Holdouts Get Ready To Go Over Support Cliff

By Scott Bekker

Partners, Microsoft campaigns and upgrade cycles got most users off Windows XP. The holdouts appear resigned to riding the OS into the abyss of non-security support.