MSPs Get Nested

As MSPs and customers get enthusiastic about cloud, the business model gets increasingly shell-like with MSPs bundling in other companies' services and even getting their own services bundled on occasion.


A Microsoft Partner's Guide to Managed Services, Part 3: Microsoft Product Shakeup

By Scott Bekker

Big changes, opportunities and challenges lie ahead with Small Business Server, Office 365 and Windows 8.

A Microsoft Partner's Guide to Managed Services, Part 2: 9 Add-On Opportunities for MSPs

By Scott Bekker

Top ways for MSPs to add value and revenues range from standards such as business continuity and security, to newer approaches like mobile-device management and bundled consulting.

A Microsoft Partner's Guide to Managed Services, Part 1: Success in a 'Nested Doll' Environment

By Scott Bekker

There are so many trends providing headwinds, tailwinds and crosswinds to MSPs right now that it's hard to sort them out. Industry experts provide a few baseline concepts from their higher perches to help MSPs find a snug fit in the emerging industrywide puzzle that resembles a Russian nested doll toy.


Analysis: Microsoft's SMB Partners Grapple with Changing IT Landscape

By Rich Freeman

SMBs are clinging to outdated Microsoft products but also adopting new and unfamiliar technologies, according to partner attendees at the IT Pro Conference 2012.