Punching Up

Once the undisputed champ of IT, Microsoft is now the underdog in many segments. Does Redmond still have the mettle to fight its way back?


Microsoft's 'Master VAR' Program: Dynamics Franchising Revisited

By Jeffrey Schwartz

Microsoft preps pilot of program for Dynamics partners as an alternative to its aborted franchise plan.

Microsoft vs. the World: Can Microsoft Knock Out Its 6 Biggest Rivals?

By Scott Bekker

At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner singled out and attacked six strategic rivals. Does Microsoft have what it takes to compete and win against Apple, Google, Cisco, Oracle, Salesforce.com and VMware?

Smartphone Shootout: iPhone 4 vs. Windows Phone 7

By Scott Bekker

On the Verizon Wireless network, Apple and Microsoft each have one offering: the iPhone 4 and the HTC Trophy with Windows Phone 7. Both are relatively new to the largest U.S. mobile provider's network. Which phone is better?


Microsoft, Google and the Game of Patents

By Kurt Mackie

Google: "Android is under legal attack by Microsoft, Apple and Oracle." Microsoft: "No it's not." Who's telling the truth?