Next Move

As Oracle, HP, Microsoft and other IT giants position their pieces around the board, partners watch to see if and where they fit into this grand game.


Microsoft and HP: Eyeing Their Next Move

By Jeffrey Schwartz

Now that Oracle has completed its Sun acquisition, HP and Microsoft renew their alliance. Partners are watching to see if and where they fit in the great game among the giant IT vendors.

4 Smart Pricing Strategies for 2010

By Joanna L. Krotz

With customer expectations reset, businesses find themselves in uncharted territory as the economy improves. We canvassed experts for advice on setting your own pricing before the market sets it for you.

RCP Reader Survey: Cautiously Optimistic

By Scott Bekker

In our annual RCP reader survey, the channel community is slightly upbeat about the changes coming in the Microsoft Partner Network, but unsure about what lies ahead.


CA Taps McCracken as New CEO

By Jeffrey Schwartz

Swainson protege expected to keep moving company in same direction.

Oracle Plans to Take on Microsoft Office

By Jeffrey Schwartz

Sun acquisition leaves Oracle with some components for an Oracle Cloud Office.

Microsoft Clams up on BPOS-Lite Rumor

By Jeffrey Schwartz

Public job listing suggests a new, stripped-down version of the Business Productivity Online Suite is on the way.

IT Recovery Is Tepid, as Expected

By Jeffrey Schwartz

Tech giants reporting fairly solid financials, while Washington proposes some assistance to spur SMB hiring.

Documenting the Microsoft Product Schedule

By Kurt Mackie

A former Microsoft employee posted RTM dates, but are they real, even in the shifting context of Microsoft's development cycle?

Office 2010 Hits RC Stage

By Scott Bekker

The release marks one of the final testing stages before RTM.

Market Share Continues to Drift to Chrome, Away from IE

By Scott Bekker

Net Applications: Firefox lost a bit in January, too.