May 2008 - Staying Afloat: Surviving the Recession

6 Tactics for Surviving the Economic Downturn; Hardware Trends; On the E-Mail Trail of the Vista-Capable Logo Saga; Microsoft Selling in The Cloud



By Lee Pender

Internal Microsoft e-mails made public by the "Vista Capable" class-action lawsuit against the company reveal infighting, partner favoritism and a general sense of confusion -- none of which, it turns out, is all that unusual in the software industry.

Staying Afloat: 6 Tactics for Surviving the Downturn

By Anne Stuart

As recession trickles through the economy, those in IT need to make sure operations remain ship-shape through it all. Here's a guide.

Hardware Trends: Faster. Smaller. Cooler.

By Joanne Cummings

Every type of hardware -- from chips to PCs to wireless LANs -- is evolving to support new enterprise demands for mobilization, virtualization and conservation.


No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy

By Scott Bekker

Tread carefully when working with Microsoft, especially where intellectual property comes into discussions.

Crouching App, Hidden OS

By Scott Bekker