July 2008 - The New Rules of Partnering With Microsoft

Plus: Software Piracy's impact on partners; cozying up to local, regional governments; the gold in virtualization; more.


The New Rules of Partnering with Microsoft

By Anne Stuart

As the Microsoft Partner Program marks its fifth anniversary, its leadership lays out a new long-term game plan.

Think Globally, Act Locally

By Rich Freeman

With its new Citizen Service Platform, Microsoft is making a big play for small-government customers. But will those entities play along?

Capturing Dollars Lost to Piracy

By Scott Bekker

Think software piracy is just Redmond's problem? A study being released at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference puts a dollar figure on the revenues the channel could collect by helping the software giant defeat the pirates-and that bounty is bigger than you might think.


More Money, More Servers

By Lee Pender and RCP Staff

Redmond's new pricing scheme for Small Business Server 2008 reflects improvements in the product and changes to licensing policies.

Microsoft and HP Provide Unified Front to Benefit SMB-Focused Partners

By Scott Bekker

A recent upgrade of the venerable HP/Microsoft Frontline Partnership includes campaigns, marketing funds and other partner benefits.

The Vista 'Turning Point'

By Anne Stuart and RCP Staff

Microsoft executives say the latest Windows release is finally picking up steam in terms of marketplace acceptance -- and that it's time for partners to climb aboard.

A Year Later, Dell Continues Channel Commitment

By Scott Bekker

Just more than a year after pledging a major channel push, Dell Inc. continues to invest in its partner program, increasing both partner ranks and channel-related revenues.

The Windows Dilemma

By Anne Stuart