November 2007 - The Odd Couple: Microsoft and Cisco

Two IT industry giants learn to live in a world of coopetition. Plus: exploring China's software piracy problem and the impact it has on partners; understanding intellectual property; securing Exchange.


Protecting Your Precious (Intellectual) Property

By Fred Bayles

It's almost impossible to be too cautious about safeguarding your company's creative assets -- and it's never too early to start taking defensive steps.

The Chinese Connection

By Scott Bekker

Earlier this year, a huge bust in China shut down a major pipeline that had been funneling pirated Microsoft and Symantec software to the U.S. market. Some partners helped the pirates. Some partners sided with authorities.

Microsoft and Cisco: The Odd Couple

By Lee Pender

Microsoft and Cisco are talking about collaboration in the nascent unified communications space, but they're approaching it from two very different angles. With customers heavily invested in both vendors' technologies, partners don't need to take sides -- yet.

Solution Spotlights

Messaging Ninja Eases Exchange Security

By Joanne Cummings

For customers struggling with managing multiple security wares for Exchange, Sunbelt offers an easy-to-use, all-in-one, multi-layered solution.


Microsoft, MCS and Partners: A Most Delicate Dance

By Paul DeGroot

Microsoft makes another run at bringing in new enterprise-grade integration business via its consulting force. Will it work this go-round?

Marketing Microsoft

The Perfect Match: Make the Right Offer at the Right Time

By M.H. McIntosh

Developing your relationship with clients before you even think of closing the deal.

Partner Advocate

Money, Politics & Technology

By Scott Bekker

We can't say for certain if there's a correlation between the shaping of technology policy and contributions, but we can tell you how much Microsoft money is being funneled to politicos' coffers.


Change Agent

By Anne Stuart

Q&A: Small Business Specialist Arlin Sorensen says today's SMBs represent a whole new breed -- but still offer plenty of opportunities for partners.

Microsoft Emphasizes The 'Special' in 'Small Business Specialist'

By Rich Freeman

Channel News: Managed services, product pep talks and new partner benefits top the agenda at SMB Nation 2007.

Mark Your Calendars: WPC 2008

Plan on very warm weather -- and very hot food.

A Virtual Home for Virtualization Partners

By Scott Bekker

Systems Integrators: MSPP offers new QuickStart program for systems integrators.

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