April 2007 - Paving the Way: Jumping Into Managed Services

An independent company finds a new niche as a managed services provider and Microsoft Certified Partner; the inside scoop on Microsoft's Partner Advisory Councils on how they can help you; getting a grip on your search skills; more.


Paving the Way

By Rich Freeman

Growing demand and attractive margins have partners of every description jumping into managed services. Should you join them?

Best Practices: The Narrative of Numbers

By Fred Bayles

Opening the books can help your employees better understand your company's story-and empower them to help write its future.

Head Start on Search

By Scott Bekker

QuickStart for Search gave partners a way to market search skills ahead of a full-blown competency specialization. Here's how it's working nearly one year later.

Power to the Partners

By Keith Ward

Microsoft's Partner Advisory Councils (PACs) provide a chance for partners to be seen and heard-and even to change Microsoft.