September 2006 - Don't Be Afraid of Microsoft Consulting

SVP Rick Devenuti explains how partners can work with Microsoft's consulting services. Also: Selling supply chain services, Q&A with Robert Deshaies, luring venture capital your way, Small Business Acccounting, more.


Fishing for Venture Capital

By Edward O'Connor

Researching VC firms, getting ready for their questions and practicing on B-list players clear the way for landing the right investment partner.

Taking the Plunge

By Paul Desmond

Most service providers have no shortage of great product ideas. Here's how to make a big splash as a software vendor.

Microsoft's New U.S. Channel Chief

By Scott Bekker

A Q&A with Robert Deshaies

The Quest for Supply Chain Riches

By Doug Barney

Microsoft's share of the supply chain market may be tiny now, but the company sees massive promise on the horizon — with great benefits for partners.

Microsoft Consulting in Your Corner

By Scott Bekker

While boosting Microsoft's consulting investments, SVP Rick Devenuti is engaged in an unprecedented campaign to reassure skittish partners that they will keep their dominant role in enterprise services.

Knocked a-SKU

By Scott Bekker

Microsoft believes its SKU program for packaging services will see a payoff in three years. One down, two to go ...