October 2006 - That's Close Enough!

Keeping a safe distance from Microsoft. Plus: the end of Go-To-Markets; how to make your brand work with Microsoft's; negotiation; Commerce Server 2007; more.


Keeping a Safe Distance from Microsoft

By Lee Pender

ISVs need to stay close to Microsoft -- but not too close. Here's how to be an effective partner without giving away too much.

On the Campaign Trail

By Rich Freeman

Microsoft has replaced its 'go-to-markets' with customer campaigns. What does the switch mean for partners?

Best Practices: Learning to Love the Deal

By Fred Bayles

Top-notch negotiators aren't born with that talent; they develop it by practice. Here's how to sharpen your own skills before you ever sit down at the table.

Branding 101

By Lauren Gibbons Paul

Think you can afford to ride on the coattails of the Microsoft name? Think again. You need to promote your own brand, too.