May 2006 - You Can Grow Your Own Way

Plus: BizTalk means business; upselling to SMBs; preventing employee turnover; when deploying Visual Studio 2005 Team System makes sense for your business; more.


Taking the Mystery out of Software Development

By Scott Bekker

Some partners are restructuring their businesses around Visual Studio 2005 Team System. Should you do the same?

Small Businesses, Big Spenders

By Rich Freeman

Upselling tightfisted SMBs is easier than you might think -- if you know the right ways to go about it.

Buying Your Way to Growth

By Paul Desmond

How mergers and acquisitions can put your company on the fast track.

Cultivating Your Business

From organic growth to M&As to staying small -- our special report covers all the options.

You Can Grow Your Own Way

By Lee Pender

Companies have to find their own paths to expansion, but lots of flexibility and a few best practices can make the road a lot less rocky.

Never Let Them Go

By Fred Bayles

Finding superstar employees is just the first step. Smart partner companies do everything in their power to keep them as well.

They Might Not Be Giants

By Anne Stuart

Staying small is an unconventional business strategy -- but for some Microsoft partners, it's exactly the right choice.