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The Need for Fresh Air

Last Tuesday around 10 p.m., after getting back to my home from a neighborhood activity, I turned on the TV to catch the last news of the day and checked my phone for e-mail. The latter is not an unusual routine for me as our client base can be in multiple time zones around the world. On that night, I had two e-mails from a sales manager from the Eastern time zone that had come in after 9 p.m.

While there are always instances where our jobs require us to put in the extra time, it is important to find balance -- the time to clear your mind and seek fresh air.

After I responded to the client, I received two e-mail responses in return; it was now 10:30 p.m. While the week had been stressful for him -- he let go a salesperson, hired another major position and discovered a few major problems -- I sent back an e-mail: "Rest, sleep, you will need more fresh air in the morning!"

With the day-to-day stress levels that sales leaders face, it is critical to focus on your personal self as well as the health of your team and company. The most successful sales leaders are creative, have high levels of energy and are mentally alert to the variety of situations they face each day. If you are stressed out, you burn out and become ineffective.

I have written often in my monthly newsletter, Why Sales Managers Succeed, on the various responsibilities of the sales leader. Maintaining a personal and fresh perspective is the most important. If you are tired, you will not coach effectively or think clearly when working on various sales strategies with your team, and you will not provide the leadership that is necessary to propel you revenues to the next level.

Each of us must find a means to "open up the brain" (I always say that the brain is like an umbrella -- it only works when it is open). I know in my professional life, I need quiet time to recharge. Some need physical activity while others need people or games to let them find that fresh air. 

In my keynote program, "Gourmet Living: Building a Personal and Professional Recipe for Success," I provide a variety of ideas to help individuals build a better life. When you have fresh air, your life will be in balance and success will follow. Check out my videos to listen to my thoughts on life.

How do you find your fresh air? Love to hear your ideas -- share them below or e-mail me at [email protected].

Posted by Ken Thoreson on September 18, 2012