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Sales and Time Management: Tips for Meeting Your Q2 Goals

Generally, most sales teams have until the end of June to achieve their quarterly objectives. These objectives are measured as quota attainment, headcount, CRM utilization or even certain levels of training accomplishment. As sales leaders, your quota achievement could be based upon either "revenue or invoiced dollars" or "booked or sales dollars." If you are focused on achieving your quarterly objectives, time is running out.

If you are evaluated on a revenue/invoiced dollar value, then your sales orders must be in the system with enough time to ship your products and deliver your services. If you are evaluated upon booked orders, you have somewhat of an advantage. It's May 17 -- there are 32 business days left until June 30 (taking into account Memorial Day). Are you on target? How will you maximize your time and that of your sales team to ensure you exceed your second quarter objectives?

Here are a few ideas to help you jumpstart your focus:

  1. Increase the awareness of time with your sales team. Share this blog, and then make a PowerPoint slide for each salesperson that states: "What can I do TODAY to win a sale?"

  2. Set up a Friday afternoon sales meeting to recap the week and discuss plans for the next week. Rather than a Monday morning meeting, make sure everyone can recap their week and have a plan for the next week.

  3. Hold individual weekly meetings with each salesperson to strategize their opportunities. Hint: Have at least two salespeople in each meeting to increase the brain power.

  4. Get senior management or the president involved in more face-to-face sales meetings to help sell the company and get additional eyes/ears in the sales process.

  5. Create a list of the top 10 largest opportunities in the second quarter and post it in your office to keep everyone aware of their progress.

  6. Determine your "delta" or what additional dollars you have to sell between today and the end of June and divide that number by the remaining number of days left to show you the daily order rate required.

What additional ideas can you contribute? Please comment below -- let's build a list of ideas to help each other!

Of course, you can also assume your sales team will think about their objectives on Saturday and Sunday as well. That would give you an additional 12 days! Let me know if you want a copy of my Sunday Night Sales Management column at [email protected].

Guru hint: Don't forget that the summer months are just ahead and your pipeline must be full for July/August months. Your quota does not take a vacation!

Posted by Ken Thoreson on May 17, 2011