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As sales leaders, we must all seek to understand new approaches, current technologies and how marketing and sales execution must work in conjunction to exceed our revenue goals. I have found two quality sites that I would recommend you review on an ongoing basis -- as I do -- to keep current.

If you are in selling in a B2B business, then B2B Marketing zone is a great resource.

Using social media? The Webbiquity is your spot to learn the tricks, secrets and new ideas to improve search engine optimization.

Here's a breakdown of both handy reference sites:

B2B Marketing Zone

B2B Marketing Zone is a collection of blog posts and articles all around B2B Marketing. It uses the Browse My Stuff technology to create the topic hub.

Topic Hubs are sites that aggregates content from a variety of sources, organizes that content around keywords in the topic domain and supports both manual and social curation of that content.

The goals of the B2B Marketing Zone:

-- Collect high-quality content

-- Provide an easy-to-navigate Site

-- Be a jump-off point

-- Help surface content that might not be found


Definition: 1) The fusion of SEO, search marketing, social media, reputation management, content marketing and interactive PR. 2) Being omnipresent on the Web for the search phrase that uniquely describes you or your organization.

Welcome to Webbiquity, a b2b marketing and social media blog., and new home of the WebMarketCentral blog.

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Posted by Ken Thoreson on May 06, 2010