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So Much More than Coding: Women in the Wider World of Tech Jobs

As you read the stories of the women in the e-book "12 Amazing Tech Jobs and the Women Who Rock Them: Imagine What You Can Do," one commonality stands out. Most of the women didn't think of themselves as "techy," let alone imagine that they would one day fill a key role in a technology company.

There are young women across the world and in your community thinking about their careers. You can make a difference in their future and help your business at the same time. 

As we all know in the channel, there is much more involved in the delivery of tech services than coding. From salespeople to solution architects to project managers, a technology services provider builds on the skills of a combination of people. But most people still only think of coding when they think of tech jobs.

The challenge is that our industry generally works behind the scenes, fueling the businesses that get the headlines. Unless you have direct ties to the technology services sector, partners and channels are foreign concepts. Most educators who influence the career choices of young people don't know what we do. Which is how "12 Amazing Tech Jobs and the Women Who Rock Them" can help you make a difference.

Inspire Young Women (and Men) To Imagine Themselves in Tech
The e-book, along with e-mails, an infographic and blog posts, are available for download from the Microsoft Ready-to-Go site. By simply sending an e-mail to your community college, you may change the course of someone's life. You might also find your next great employee.  

In the e-book's Resource Kit, the partner promotion recommendations document offers suggestions to position your company as a leader in encouraging young women to consider tech careers. Some of the ideas include:

  • Post the e-book and infographic to your Web site (Web banners are included in the kit).
  • Use the blog post as a foundation, adding your own perspective.
  • Send the press release to local papers and your Chamber of Commerce.
  • Send the e-mail to your local community college and regional university.

The e-book is designed to appeal to young people, with short narratives from the women describing their roles, how they got to their current positions and what they love about the jobs. Spread throughout the book is an overview of the Microsoft partner ecosystem. Non-technical terms explain the different types of Microsoft partners and how the channel works. Glossaries on each page are aimed at helping young readers understand common business terms. 

Join the Women in Tech Conversation
In most communities, Women in Tech (WIT) groups are gaining momentum. Even if there aren't women on your team yet, "12 Amazing Tech Jobs and the Women Who Rock Them" is an opportunity for you to contribute to the conversation. Find your local group's organizer and send them the e-book. Offer to speak at the next meeting. Many of the WIT groups include young women hoping to break into technology -- another source for your next great employee.

The stories in "12 Amazing Tech Jobs and the Women Who Rock Them" are fun to read and inspiring. Putting the e-book into the hands of a young person who doesn't think she is techy could change the direction of her life. Download the e-book today and share. You can make a difference. What a great way to start the new year.

How are you encouraging women to consider the field of technology? Add a comment below or send me a note and let's share your story.

Posted by Barb Levisay on December 17, 2014