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BitTitan Focuses on Upsell Capabilities for Microsoft Partners

BitTitan took another step this month in its ongoing effort to expand its cloud migration tools into a platform that Microsoft partners can run their businesses on.

Previous milestones in the effort included the launch of the MSPComplete and CSPComplete packages in October. Those bundles packaged BitTitan's existing tools in an "onboard" pillar and added a "sell" pillar and a "service" pillar.

While BitTitan's sell pillar included machine learning-generated leads and sales scripts, an equally or more important part of the sales process was in the service pillar. Part of that pillar was a "HealthCheck" tool that highlighted upsell and cross-sell opportunities for partners at their existing customer sites. This month, BitTitan released a greatly expanded version of that feature called the Upsell Engine as part of MSPComplete.

"The Upsell Engine might even be the most important thing we do," said Rocco Seyboth, general manager of products for BitTitan, in a telephone interview. "The way that a partner is going to maximize customer lifetime value is not just growing one or two services that they broke into the customer with; they're going to do it by upselling additional services they can make money from."

Previously, the opportunities that the HealthCheck tool discovered were surfaced in the HealthCheck tool itself. Now the Upsell Engine is part of the MSPComplete dashboard, and it is drawing from a wider array of information sources and providing a broader set of suggested upsell/cross-sell opportunities, along with tools to pursue them, Seyboth said.

Upsell packages within the toolset include migrating Box, Dropbox and Google Drive to OneDrive, Salesforce to Dynamics CRM Online, SQL Server 2005 to Azure SQL, and Amazon AWS Blob to Azure Blob.

One other benefit of the tool for partners is BitTitan's close working relationship with Microsoft. A Platinum Sponsor at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) this July, BitTitan is tailoring much of the Upsell Engine to take advantage of Microsoft's constantly changing incentives.

For example, Seyboth discussed why the online file storage alerts are a priority for BitTitan's tool at the moment: "We know that a lot of Microsoft partners right now are trying to figure out ways to sell more OneDrive. For FastTrack funds, you need a second workload that will drive active usage. If you can get a customer to get their documents into OneDrive, finding opportunities in the Upsell Engine to recommend and drive OneDrive sales is a big priority. There's quite a lot of alerts related to OneDrive."

Posted by Scott Bekker on May 12, 2016


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