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Blog archive Gets Responsive

In the housekeeping department, I should mention that now has a responsive Web design.

For those as bewildered by the term as I was when I first heard it, responsive Web design means the pages resize automatically for different screen sizes, be they large desktop monitors, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Naturally, it's an important step, especially on the mobile side. We've noticed, as has anyone who explores their Web analytics, that mobile views of our content are experiencing the classic hockey-stick growth pattern. Some aspects of our prior-to-responsive-design (I hate to say non-responsive) could be pretty cramped on a smartphone or tablet.

If you haven't explored the site lately, a few things to point out:

  1. Give us another try with your smartphone. Even the homepage content stacks nicely so you can scroll smoothly up and down to see all the content. No pinching, zooming or needing to move side-to-side to view anything. Huge kudos to the Web team for reverse-engineering a site not originally intended for smartphone viewers to make it look as if we were planning for that form factor all along.

  2. Printing out articles from our site has become much cleaner due to the change, even without using the "Printable Format" option.

  3. In other news, we've also switched comments to the Disqus system, which has some killer community features, and the sign-in requirement helps keep out the spammers and trolls.

Hope you enjoy the changes as much as I do. Please let us know if you run into an issue viewing anything.

Posted by Scott Bekker on May 02, 2013