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Microsoft on Houston for WPC: There Is AC

Do you think Jon Roskill is getting tired of critics hating on the Houston-in-July choice for the 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference?

"Everyone asks me, 'Houston in July, is it really hot?'" Roskill, corporate vice president of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Group, said during an MPN [Microsoft Partner Network] Live webcast for partners Tuesday.

"We have got the Minute Maid stadium. We can close it and air condition it, so don't worry," Roskill joked. Minute Maid Park is the home of the Houston Astros and features a 242-foot-high retractable roof over its natural-turf field.

Microsoft's WPC takes place July 7-11 in Houston. Although Microsoft regularly holds the mid-summer conference in more northern cities with cooler average weather, including Toronto, Boston, Denver and Minneapolis, 2013 won't mark WPC's first visit to Houston. Microsoft held it there in 2008.

Posted by Scott Bekker on February 26, 2013