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State of the Great XP-to-Windows-7 Migration

Microsoft shed some light last week on the state of the "great migration" -- the Herculean effort by enterprises worldwide to get their desktops on Windows 7 before Windows XP support officially expires in April 2014.

During an earnings call Thursday, CFO Peter Klein said that more than 60 percent of enterprise desktops worldwide are now on Windows 7.

Asked by a financial analyst for a forecast on the pace of the migration, Klein offered this:

"The one thing I would say is, not only are over 60 percent on Windows 7, but about 90 percent have expressed that they have a plan to do that. So, I expect to see sort of a steady drumbeat between now and the end of life for XP support in April 2014 for that to continue, because the incentive is there and the desire to do that has been expressed by our customers. So, I would expect to see that continue over the next year, year and a quarter."

Here's a question. Where does Windows 8 fit into that picture?

Posted by Scott Bekker on January 28, 2013