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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Put Playbooks on iPad 2

Here's a topic that combines two of my favorite topics: technology and the NFL.

Turns out the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have come up with a slick solution to the old problem of printing up all those thick NFL playbooks -- and making sure players don't leave them in opposing locker rooms or hotel rooms where Bill Belichick might find them. OK, that was a cheap shot, but the Bucs are putting their playbooks on iPads.

According to an article in the St. Petersburg Times, the team bought every player an iPad 2, which includes all the plays and video files. Plus, if the iPad gets lost, it can be remotely wiped.

"It's crazy how much technology has changed the game," second-year safety Cody Grimm told the paper. "Back in the day, I think probably the whole team had to sit down with a projector and a reel, and watch the film together. They'd have the whole offense in the same meeting room. Now we all have our own iPad. Stuff that we used to come in here to see, we can sit on our couch at home and have access to it 24-7. It's awesome."

Meanwhile, this has got to hurt for RIM. Even when the app itself is a playbook, the choice is an iPad over a BlackBerry PlayBook.

Check out the story here.

Posted by Scott Bekker on August 26, 2011 at 11:58 AM