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Survey: Brag About Your Smartphone to RCP!

A few days ago, I posted a call for your stories about why you did or didn't chose Windows Phone 7 as a platform. The e-mails have been flooding in. Thanks to all of you who've sent in your stories already. If you haven't sent one yet, there's still time -- send it to [email protected].

At the same time, we're backing up the anecdotes with a poll of Microsoft partners. It's a quick, 12-question poll about the smartphone platform you're using and the apps you find most helpful for your partner business and for your customers' businesses. (There's also a question where you can profile any cool apps your company is working on for possible future stories.) We're giving away some RCP T-shirts to a few lucky survey-takers, as well. Got a few minutes? Help us get the full story by taking the survey here.

Admit it, you talk about your smartphone all the time. We're inviting you to brag about what you have and how you use it!

Posted by Scott Bekker on July 25, 2011