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More Microsoft Execs To Know

Back in December, we did a cover story on Microsoft Execs: Who's Who? Poking around the Microsoft Partner Network portal recently, I ran across a nice resource that drills down from the top-level positions that we highlighted in the Redmond Channel Partner magazine article.

The U.S. Partner Team has a Meet the U.S. Partner Team page with pictures, names and titles of 17 people at Microsoft that it wouldn't hurt a partner to know.

For those wondering how the people on the Microsoft portal page map to the people in RCP's cover story (available as a PDF here), Arnie Mondloch and Jake Schenkein are two Rosetta Stones.

(Fair warning: If you're going to read on from here, you'll probably want to have the Microsoft page and a copy of our PDF in front of you.)

Mondloch reports to Kristi Schwartz (unpictured) in Jenni Flinders' PS&P organization. Four people on the page report to Mondloch: Diane Golshan (the main contributor to the U.S. Partner Team blog and person behind the @msuspartner Twitter account), Sharon Collins (who manages the team that helps U.S. partners with the MPN transition), Julie Golding (the person behind the Action Pack Twitter account) and Tina Hanson (the liaison to the U.S. IAMCP and HTG Peer Groups).

Schenkein, also reports to Schwartz. Three people on the Microsoft page report to Schenkein: Dunja Bounds, Melanie Riddick and Don Roessler.

A large group also comes from Cindy Bates' SMB&D team. While Josh Waldo isn't pictured, three people come from his team: Kelly Stark, Jennifer Martin and Jen Sieger. Alison Catania and Steve Measelle are on Eric Martorano's team and Shelley Svien is part of Alex Fong's team. Neither Martorano nor Fong is on Microsoft's "meet the team" page, but they and Waldo report directly to Bates.

The other two people on the page come from different areas of Microsoft. Riyaz Jaffer is actually part of the worldwide organization but has duties for North America. Colleen Tyler is part of U.S. Public Sector Partner Marketing.

With that, I'm Microsoft org-charted out. But if you're eager for more, check out the site, which is a Microsoft resource site for solution partners and developers. It has a sophisticated "Meet the team" page here.

Posted by Scott Bekker on March 15, 2011 at 11:58 AM


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