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On Tuesday, I blogged about Citrix's move to concentrate all North American efforts on one distributor, Ingram Micro, ending relationships with Alternative Technology, Avnet and Tech Data. One poster had this response for Craig Stilwell, a vice president whose explanation of Citrix's reasoning was included in the blog post:

"Well if Craig Stillwell thinks this is a good move for Citrix and it pans out, he's a hero. But if it doesn't pan out (which historical experience on this shows otherwise) then [Citrix CEO] Mark T[empleton] will bounce his a** out the door so fast, people won't even remember him a year from now."

There were also a flurry of responses to another entry on Tuesday about Microsoft striking back against Forrester analyst Thomas Mendel's report about enterprise adoption problems for Vista, and about Microsoft's new Mojave Experiment.

"Stand tall Mr. Mendel. It is not always easy stating the truth when the 800lb gorilla is getting smacked upside the head."

"I find it very interesting that Microsoft built the Mojave Experiment site using Adobe Flash, NOT Silverlight. Microsoft continues to push developers to use increasingly bloated, unworkable, buggy and undocumented software like Silverlight and Vista. I've been a Microsoft partner for over 10 years, but no longer."

"Good name, 'Mojave.' If you're out in the desert, with no other apps around, then Vista is great. Once you try to actually USE applications with it...that's when it heads south (into strange foreign lands)."

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Posted by Scott Bekker on July 31, 2008