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Fast Company 2.0

You think you've seen good growth, or had your share of growth-related employment headaches? Well, Microsoft had a stunning example of partner growth to tell in a press release distributed on Thursday. It described the company's new report, estimating the worldwide economic impact of Microsoft.

The partner-growth bombshell from the release was this:

"Wicresoft Co. Ltd., a Microsoft partner based in China, grew from 70 to 1,000 employees in a short amount of time and generated a sales volume of $32 million last year alone."

Wicresoft President Ingrid Wang commented on the achievement in the press release:

"Through Microsoft's training program, our sales staff completed a year's sales volume in only half a year. Our business boomed. We have had a successful transformation from novice member of China's IT ecosystem to international player. We treasure the strategic alliance with Microsoft here in China."

Turns out there's more to it. Wicresoft, which describes itself as a professional IT and business process outsourcing services provider, is a bit more than a Microsoft partner. "Strategic alliance" is a bit of an understatement. According to Wicresoft's Web page, the company was formed in 2002 as a joint venture between Microsoft and the Shanghai Municipal Government. Before joining Wicresoft, Wang had worked at Microsoft (China) Co. Ltd., and two other top executives, Mike Xu and Patrick Cai, are Microsoft veterans. This is a company to keep an eye on.

Posted by Scott Bekker on October 18, 2007 at 11:57 AM