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Simplify Complex Concepts with Infographics

In years past, the CIO or IT manager was the primary decision maker for all technology-related issues. The CEO, CFO and line managers depended on the IT team to recommend the solutions supporting corporate infrastructure. But business decision makers today are more technically savvy and want to be more involved in choosing business management systems from the start.

That change presents you with the opportunity to adjust your marketing messages to help business decision makers understand your solutions. Infographics -- a combination of words, graphics and data -- can help.

Simplify Processes
Most people find it easier to understand complex ideas with visual cues. Infographics are often used to illustrate processes, stepping the reader through the details while maintaining the big picture context. Since business management systems -- from networks to collaboration -- are components of the larger business ecosystem, infographics can be a valuable tool to simplify the technology concepts.

Explain Big Issues
Infographics can also be used to provide a big picture view of a complex issue. Many of the technology solutions that partners provide have multiple components and a variety of options. Understanding how it all fits together can be very difficult for prospects. Using an infographic or Visio depiction to illustrate will help business decision makers see how solutions fit into the bigger picture.

Interpret Data
Conveying the results of research or statistical data in a whitepaper or report is great for those who want to dig into the details, but not for everyone. An infographic allows you to convey high-level information to the audience looking for just the highlights. Simplify the data to focus on key points that will interest your readers. Charting in Excel allows you to test graphs and charts to help you find the most compelling data representation.

Infographics can be especially useful in vertical marketing that targets a specific industry. People are always curious how they compare to others like them -- industry data presented through an infographic can be a powerful marketing call to action.

Appeal to Your Younger Audience
As digital natives move up through the ranks of companies, your marketing should include messaging directed at them. Quick-read, graphic information will help you interest and connect with your younger prospects. Infographics have become a common marketing tool for many industries and B2B technology is finally catching up with the trend.

Have you used infographics for lead generation? Add a comment below, or send me an e-mail and let's share the knowledge.

Posted by Barb Levisay on July 05, 2012 at 11:57 AM


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