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Google Dumping Windows: What a Crock

OK, we're calling BS on this one. (Can we say BS here? We'll find out…) Apparently Google is going to make it very difficult for its employees to get Windows on their machines from now on, a move that has led many press outlets to say that Google is dumping Microsoft.

Why, pray tell, would Google do something like this? Because it is developing its own operating system now and wants to, as the old saying goes, eat its own dog food? Maybe it's because Microsoft is a huge competitor to Google, and it's best not to pay a competitor to run everything on its software. Or maybe Google wants to embrace the open source community by moving to Linux. Maybe Google just wants to make Microsoft look bad -- old, tired and not ready for Web 2.0 or whatever the hipsters are calling it these days.

Actually, all of those reasons for Google dumping Windows would make sense. But then there's this: One of Google's approved non-Windows operating systems is the Mac OS. Google competes with Apple, so why would it buddy up to Steve Jobs and his gang? It wouldn't…and it isn't, according to folks at Google.  

Oh, no. People at the search giant say that the reason for ditching Windows is…security. Specifically, they're upset about a hack from China that hit the company pretty hard back in December. Evidently, they're blaming Windows and Internet Explorer for the breach. To that, we say: Whatever, Google.

Sure, Windows has security issues, but so do all operating systems, including Apple's vaunted OS and Linux. Most companies -- you know, the 90-plus percent of companies worldwide that use Windows -- manage to find ways to protect their Windows installations and fend off serious attacks. Google, did it ever occur to you that the reason somebody in China hacked you was because you pulled out of that country (a decision we at RCPU actually support) and that the hackers who got you would have found a way to hit you whether you were running Windows, Mac, Linux or OS2? Maybe the whole China hack was a Google problem and not really a Windows problem. Ever think of that?

Google, you don't have to use Windows. In fact, you probably shouldn't. Load everybody out there with Chrome OS and see how it goes. Seriously. But, for heaven's sake, if you're going to restrict access to or use of Windows, at least be honest about why you're doing it. We're not buying the "security" excuse (and neither are a lot of other people), and you shouldn't be selling it.

Google, we at RCPU like a lot of things about you, but this is pretty lame. Please try to do better next time.

What's your take on Google's excuse for dumping Windows? Do you buy it? Have your say at [email protected].

Posted by Lee Pender on June 02, 2010


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