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New VAR Program from 3K Computers

3K Computers is a computer manufacturer, not just 3,000 random computers that suddenly and shockingly got to together to start a VAR program. Anyway, read more here.

Posted by Lee Pender on February 07, 2008 at 11:54 AM


  • Cisco To Buy Splunk for $28B

    Cisco announced it is acquiring security and IT solutions provider Splunk for about "$28 billion in equity value."

  • Copilot for Windows 11 Available September 26

    Microsoft Also announced new Copilot features coming to Bing, Edge and Microsoft 365.

  • Microsoft Entra ID Name Switch To Get Finalized Next Year

    Microsoft described timeline plans for switching the Azure Active Directory brand to "Entra ID."

  • Azure Update Manager Now Generally Available

    Azure Update Manager has reached "general availability," or commercial rollout status.