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Marching Orders 2018: Make it Personal

What can Microsoft partners do differently in 2018 to make a business breakthrough? We put that question to 16 top experts, including CHRISTINE D. BONGARD, DIRECTOR, PARTNER ALLIANCES, ATSG. For more tips on finding success in the Microsoft channel in 2018, read our full Marching Orders feature here.

We are living in an exciting time of technological advances and shifts in our industry. Over my 25-year career, I have seen trends shift and then, eventually shift back. My one take away for success in 2018 is to keep things personal.

Due to these advancements in technology and efficiencies with process, we've gotten to a point where people don't need to meet in person. No more looking each other in the eye or shaking hands. No more bonding over family pics and other oddities in our offices. If most people buy because they trust their provider, and people never meet anymore, how is this possible?

I encourage people to get back out in the field and meet with your customers. Bring them a cup of coffee or some flowers. Ask them how their project/service with your company is going. This also goes for your team. Visit your team in their offices and have a cup of coffee with people. Look people in the eye and ask them how things are going. Then, follow up on whatever you commit to doing.

Also, send personal notes, not e-mails, with two to three sentences on why you're happy that person is a client or an employee.

I guarantee you will stand out with class because people yearn to feel appreciated. These small personal touches cost little but yield great results for your relationships, which all support the success of your business.

Christine Bongard manages Strategic Partner Alliances for ATSG, a 20-year Microsoft Gold Partner in the New York metro area. She develops processes and programs to ensure that partners, customers and employees are delighted with their ATSG experience. She also serves as the Global Chairperson for IAMCP Women in Technology.

Posted by Christine D. Bongard on March 05, 2018