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Mailbag: More Microsoft Ad Thoughts

Here are more of your thoughts on Microsoft's new "I'm a PC" ads:

The "I'm a PC" ads are much improved over the Seinfeld ad! The Seinfeld ad was funny and quirky, but really failed to get the message across. I like how the "I'm a PC" ad directly addresses the Apple commercial. It does a nice job of eliminating the spin Apple tries to put on PC users as un-cool, nerdy business types. It effectively shows that a wide variety of people in a wide variety of scenarios choose to rely on Windows-based PCs because they do work super-well, regardless of the Apple spin. Why Microsoft did not do this from the start is puzzling! Is this commercial 3.0? It must be, because MS finally got it right!

The Mojave Experiment commercial and Web site is also a good effort to calm the Vista misconception storm. Bravo, MS! Your marketing efforts are looking much, much better now!

I'm a PC for now...but just out of necessity!

I wonder if Microsoft is having problems with its ad campaign because most of the creative minds in the advertising industry use Macs. It just seems like millions of dollars should be able to buy higher-quality ads than what we've seen. I guess we could give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt and maybe, just maybe, it's saving the best for last.

I don't see the "I'm a PC" ads as defensive, but rather as mocking. MS took the bull by the horns -- a gutsy move, in my book.

The latest MS ads are even more reason to buy Mac. Keep up the good work, MS! The world is laughing at you. Doesn't Microsoft know that "PC" equals "Piece of Crap"?

The one where the "regular Joe" people are shown the "Mojave Experiment" then told it's Vista...they must have pulled those morons out of the Mojave. If they didn't know Vista and how badly it sucks, why should they have any credibility?


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Posted by Doug Barney on September 29, 2008