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Free Hyper-V

It worked with browsers -- so does that mean it will work with hypervisors? Microsoft apparently thinks so, as it's now giving away Hyper-V.

We've called Hyper-V virtually free since it was only supposed to cost $28 (a strange price indeed). Now it's literally free. The $28 price cut was made during a huge Microsoft virtualization rollout announcing the imminent delivery of the standalone rev of Hyper-V.

Trying to match the attention this is getting, VMware in turn announced that customers were eschewing the Microsoft tool (which hasn't even really shipped) in favor of ESX. The VMware press release pointed to a couple of companies that recently had large-scale ESX rollouts. Not sure how that turns into "VMware Momentum Builds as Customers Select VMware Platform over Microsoft Hypervisor"!

Posted by Doug Barney on September 09, 2008 at 11:52 AM