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Mailbag: Thoughts on Jobs

OK or not, Steve Jobs' health and Apple's future are still on top of many people's minds. Here are some of your thoughts:

Mr. Jobs IS a rather remarkable man, but every remarkable human in history has had to retire at some point.

Organizations need to plan for the same and the rest of us can count our blessings to have coincided in time with the lives of the living remarkable.

I watched the iPhone 3G announcement video a while back and I was taken aback at how gaunt Jobs looked. Not being an Apple customer, I don't keep track of what happens there so I was not even aware he had been sick. After reading that investors are dumping stock simply on the rumour of his ill-health, I can't imagine what will happen if/when he passes away.

I agree with you. The industry will, eventually, lose one of the most important figures in the history of personal computing. Get well, Steve!

One reader thinks the recent BlackBerry flaw, now patched, still isn't enough to make people turn to the iPhone:

What? No one is dropping the BlackBerry to get an iPhone. If you can find a 3G network, if Father Steve allows you to run the app you need and if you don't mind doing hard resets to restore your phone once or twice a day, you might want an iPhone. If you don't mind very short battery life unless you turn off the GPS and Wi-Fi, you might want an iPhone. If you want to restrict yourself to one carrier -- and not the best one, at that -- you might want an iPhone. If you want to send the phone in just to change the battery, you might want an iPhone.

The iphone is a toy, and not a very good one, and is not suited for business use. The BlackBerry may not be perfect but it works and it works every time you use it, something no one can say about the iPhone.

Doug asked for advice recently on how to keep multiple machines in synch. Jeff thinks the answer is in Google:

Just give in to the dark side. Turn your life and your documents over to Google. No OS needed, any computer will do. If that won't work, try Mozy. Great backup program. Restores are a little slow but you can initiate them yourself. I recommend only restoring what you need to begin with; get the rest when you get your full machine up and running. If you have Google popping all your e-mail accounts, you'll always have copies of them.

Tell us what you think! Leave a comment below or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Posted by Doug Barney on July 24, 2008


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