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Giving the Big Guy a Poke in the Eye

Systems management vendor Argent has never been shy. I wrote a profile of the company and was pleasantly surprised at how unguarded and uncensored its CEO Andrew Blencowe was in my interview.

Blencowe's bluster reminded me of another CEO: Steve Ballmer.

Argent software competes directly with Microsoft MOM (Microsoft took a perfectly good name, MOM, and changed it to Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 -- catchy, eh?), and is not afraid to give the Redmond colossus a little what for.

Care for an example? Go to and click on the "Argent v Microsoft" tab. Here you'll see how Blencowe compares himself to Mr. Ballmer.

Posted by Doug Barney on June 02, 2008 at 11:52 AM


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