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The Mac Commercials Are Working

The great thing about my kids having Macs is not having to rebuild the darn things every six months because their machines have more viruses than The Andromeda Strain. The bad part? Having to drive an hour to get a new iBook power supply!

This trip did help me get close to my son and do a little market research. According to my salesguy, the Mac TV commercials have increased business, as have the new line of Intel-based gear.

The real surprise came when it came time to pay. The salesguy looked suspiciously at my card when I refused to give my phone number, then looked again and asked, "Didn't you use to be a computer journalist?"

"Still am."

Turns out the sales consultant used to do PR for the old Digital Equipment Corp., and once briefed me on some X.500 messaging tools. Then he pulled out his cell phone and showed me my e-mail address and phone number from seven years ago. Good times, good times!

Posted by Doug Barney on April 05, 2007 at 11:52 AM