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Say Goodbye to MOM, Hello to SCOM

MOM, Microsoft's way of watching over Windows networks and correcting them when they go wrong, is passing its apron over to the new boss -- System Center Operations Manager, one in a new line of forthcoming System Center management tools.

Microsoft, though, seems confused as to what to call this thing. Ordinarily, we'd just use the acronym -- Microsoft loves acronyms and even uses them to refer to beta software (CTP, RC) and licensing (SA, EA).

But as fellow newsletter writer Lee Pender of Redmond Channel Partner points out, Microsoft is steering clear of "SCOM" and calling it just "Operations Manager." That's a fine name, so why does "System Center" have to precede it?

The tool was announced this week at the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS, an acronym Microsoft isn't shy about using), but there are already 20,000 customers. Is it really a new product if it's already in such widespread use?

Posted by Doug Barney on March 28, 2007