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Firefox 2

The fine folks from Mozilla Corp. stopped by last week to show off Firefox 2. We made them all gourmet coffee, cleared off the conference table and had a little sit-down. Just so they knew where we stood, I mentioned the three to four articles we wrote telling IT to move to Firefox and disable IE until its security improves (we haven't taken a stand on IE7, but if it's secure and great, we'll start writing articles about how to move to IE7 and disable Firefox!).

Firefox 2, due this month, has spell-checking, anti-phishing and the ability to restore sessions.

But the coolest part was when I told them my idea for a file system that would organize your searches and let you share them with others (I gave this idea free of charge to Google; however, soon after receiving my suggestion, it announced it had no plans to ever build a browser).

So imagine my surprise when the VP of engineering said that is exactly what will make Firefox 3, about a year away, so great. The browser will tag search results, index and organize your history, and have other cool features that are hopefully close to the specs I wrote for The Barney Browser.

Posted by Doug Barney on October 19, 2006