Microsoft Viva Suite To Receive LinkedIn Glint Solution in 2023

LinkedIn's Glint employee feedback and assessment solution will become a part of Microsoft's Viva "employee experience platform" sometime in 2023, Microsoft announced.

Microsoft also announced it will be replacing its internal employee "annual engagement survey" with Glint.

LinkedIn's existing Glint customers can continue to use the Glint service, with support provided by LinkedIn. New Glint customers can purchase Glint through LinkedIn. However, there also is a currently offered Glint product "bundled with Viva" that's sold through Microsoft.

Microsoft Viva consists of the following applications (called "modules" by Microsoft) that get accessed through the Microsoft Teams collaboration service:

  • Viva Connections -- for news feed and content sharing.
  • Viva Insights -- for employee time management.
  • Viva Learning -- for employee access to learning libraries.
  • Viva Topics -- for surfacing information within organizations.
  • (coming this year) -- an objective and key results service.

Microsoft's Viva bundle that includes Glint is shown as omitting the Viva Connections module, with no explanation provided for the omission. Microsoft's pricing for the Viva bundle that includes Glint is regularly priced at $15 per user per month (there's promo pricing before Sept. 1, 2022, though).

Traditional Microsoft Viva pricing that includes Connections and the other three main modules (but not Glint) is priced at $12 per user per month (but a promo discount applies before the September date).

The Glint addition to the Microsoft Viva suite of applications will make polling employee happiness part of the "flow of work," according to Justin Black, LinkedIn's head of Glint. Organizations can then "shape and improve the employee experience based on what is most important to each person," he wrote, in LinkedIn's announcement.

Glint is currently used by "over 1,000 leading companies" across "more than 150 countries," according to Microsoft's announcement.

Microsoft first introduced the Viva suite of applications a year ago, and the four main modules have all since reached the "general availability" commercial-release stage (with yet to come). Back then, Microsoft had described Glint as previewing in Viva Insights using a Microsoft Power BI dashboard, but Glint now seems to be rising to its own module status within the suite.

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