Top 10 Microsoft Headlines of 2018

Windows 10's convoluted update practices drew a lot of attention this year, but so did many other key Microsoft developments. Below are the most popular news articles of the past year.

10. Microsoft Killing OneNote Desktop App for Office 2019
It's the end of the road for Microsoft's OneNote desktop application, as Microsoft plans to cease development on the product beyond the current OneNote 2016 version. Read here.

9. BSOD Issues Plague Some PCs After Windows 10 Upgrade
People who already have blue-screened HP devices will be lucky enough to have Windows to automatically repair the device after a reboot. Read here.

8. Exchange Server 2019, Skype for Business 2019 Hit Preview Stages
Microsoft is touting the installation of Exchange Server 2019 on the Server Core option of Windows Server as being the "most secure platform for Exchange." Read here.

7. Windows Server 2019 'Essentials' Version for Small Business Coming
There's one catch: It might the last Essentials edition Microsoft ever ships. Read here.

6. Microsoft's Active Directory Team Taps Blockchain for Identity Security
The Microsoft team responsible for Active Directory development has been ramping up its use of blockchain in a bid to improve digital identity security. Read here.

5. Microsoft Warns Orgs Away from Windows 10's 'Long-Term Servicing' Branch
The LTSC model is just recommended by Microsoft for use with things like medical devices that can't tolerate frequent changes. Read here.

4. Microsoft Tries To Clarify Its Windows 10 Patching Model
Microsoft's John Wilcox, a contributor to the Microsoft Tech Community, shared some details of the company's monthly Windows operating system update release process this week. Read here.

3. Microsoft Adds Linux Perks to Windows 10 October 2018 Update
Windows Subsystem for Linux is part of the Windows 10 architecture, permitting Linux to run natively atop Microsoft's operating system, typically via the Windows Console command-line interface. Read here.

2. Windows 10 Enterprise May Be Only Licensing Option for Orgs: Analyst
Businesses may have little choice but to purchase Windows 10 Enterprise edition licensing, according to a recent analyst presentation. Read here.

1. Windows Server 2019 Skips RTM, Goes Straight to Release
The reason that certified hardware isn't available yet from Microsoft's OEM partners is that Microsoft skipped the release-to-manufacturing (RTM) stage with this release of Windows Server 2019. Read here.

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