Tech Data Corp.


Name: Stacy Nethercoat
Title: Vice President, Product Marketing, TDCloud

RCP: What do you call your program?
Nethercoat: The Microsoft CSP Program, which is part of our Tech Data Cloud Solutions Store.

What do you call the CSP resellers in your program?
Referred to as Managed Service Providers (MSPs) or Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

What requirements does a partner need to meet to be a reseller for you?
Resellers accept standard terms and conditions for the CSP Program through Tech Data. In addition, we require a partner either a) provides 24x7 help desk support, or b) purchases 24x7 help desk support or some form of support to bring their support offering to 24x7.

Is there a cost involved?
There is not a cost to participate in Tech Data Cloud's Microsoft CSP Program.

One of the attractions of the CSP program is that Microsoft does not own the customer billing. But has a reseller substituted Microsoft owning the customer billing for you, the CSP distribution partner, owning the customer billing?
Tech Data manages the billing for its reseller customers through StreamOne, the company's award-winning global platform, which offers solution providers, CSPs and MSPs end-to-end provisioning, billing and marketing for scale and operational scope. StreamOne is the cloud aggregation and end user lifecycle management platform that Tech Data Cloud and Microsoft leverage via the CSP Program.

What protections or assurances have you put in place to reassure the reseller that they own the customer relationship?
Our model ensures the reseller owns the customer relationship. We further define it in our CSP terms and conditions and our CSP Program Guide.

Do you offer a white-label billing option or white-label support options? Is there a fee or different participation requirements for partners to use a white-label version?
Yes, we currently have the capabilities to offer a white-label support option for our resellers, and there is a fee associated with the service offering. In addition, we have many support options for our customers that include various tiers and white-glove concierge offerings, as well as migration and onboarding support.

In addition to distributing Microsoft cloud keys and billing, what benefits are you providing to the resellers that they can, in turn, offer to their customers?
The Tech Data Cloud Solutions Store offers many opportunities to bundle additional cloud products or services with CSP. In addition, we have incentives and promotions we offer reseller partners that they can, in turn, offer to their end user clients. Tech Data simplifies the billing process for the reseller by consolidating the billing across multiple cloud vendors, reducing the complexity associated with varying billing cycles, and provides a single monthly invoice.

What differentiates your CSP distribution offering from the other CSP indirect partners?
Tech Data owns the IP on which the Tech Data Cloud Solutions Store is built. The flexibility and agility this provides allows us to build and design customized tools for our reseller partners. The Tech Data Cloud Solutions Store gives resellers the ability to:

  • Research and explore cloud solutions
  • Quickly and automatically provision and buy
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of Microsoft CSP products

In addition, we offer partnerships, tools and solutions such as:

  • Cloud assessments to show ROI and TCO of cloud
  • Migration solutions to provide scale so the solution provider can spend more time selling
  • Cloud adoption tools to ensure solution providers' end user clients are activated and adopting the cloud solutions

How much demand are you seeing from resellers?
The demand for cloud services is growing exponentially. In fact, our cloud business is growing at about 100 percent a year.

How many resellers have you signed up so far for your CSP program (United States and worldwide)?
We do not disclose this information.