RCP's 2012 Wrap-Up: The 10 Most Popular Features of the Year

From Apple's enterprise ascendance to the "most competent" Microsoft partners, here are the most-read in-depth articles on in 2012.

10. Windows 8 Ultrabooks Gallery, Part 2: Convertibles and More

FROM THE ARTICLE: "RCP shines the spotlight on five more early Ultrabook models from Lenovo, Dell and others that are looking to take advantage of Microsoft's touch focus in Windows 8." [Read here.]

9. 2012 RCP Salary Survey: Boom After Bust for Microsoft Partners

FROM THE ARTICLE: "In short, salaries are moving emphatically upward for a change, compared to the incremental jumps -- and dips -- of previous years." [Read here.]

8. Apple in the Enterprise: Microsoft Partners Help Apple Get Down to Business

READER COMMENT: "Heh, IT is finally dragging its knuckles away from its Stalinist policies. Good, in-depth description of iPad & iPhone adaptation and the manager's coping process." [Read here.]

7. Dynamics CRM: How Microsoft Is Stepping Up to

FROM THE ARTICLE: "Microsoft may be an underdog in the crowded CRM software field, but with a new GM in the Dynamics CRM business, the company seems poised to take on Oracle, SAP and CRM giant" [Read here.]

6. Who Are Microsoft's 'Most Competent' Partners?

READER COMMENT: "Competence has very little do do with this methodology. Competence should be based on the percent of projects that customers are satisfied with. I'll stack up our satisfaction scores against anyone." [Read here.]

5. Windows Server 2012: The 24 Things Microsoft Partners Should Know

READER COMMENT: "News flash -- Windows NT did not '[bring] on the client-server era'!!! They simply out-marketed the companies that did. Ever hear of Novell? How about VAX OpenVMS? OS2 Warp?" [Read here.]

4. Windows 8 Ultrabooks Gallery: The First Wave

READER COMMENT: "I really want to get excited about Windows 8 and touch -- and then I remember the lessons of Microsoft announcements past: Never jump on until SP1." [Read here.]

3. CES: 6 Windows Hardware Stunners

FROM THE ARTICLE: "Microsoft had few announcements at CES but OEM partners brought out new Windows-based laptops and phones." [Read here.]

2. OneNote vs. EverNote: A Side-by-Side Comparison

READER COMMENT: "If MS would only bring a fuller OneNote experience to non-PC devices, it'd really take off." [Read here.]

1. The 2012 Microsoft Product Roadmap

FROM THE ARTICLE: "The star of last year's product roadmap was Office 365. Microsoft this year looks likely to pivot from the public cloud to the private cloud, while also shipping staples like SQL Server and releasing major betas -- and possibly final versions -- of blockbusters including Windows 8 tablet, client and server, and Office 15." [Read here.]

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