RCP's 2012 Wrap-Up: The 10 Most Popular Blogs of the Year

Is Google evil? Was Windows 8 dead to reviewers right from the start? Does Microsoft need Tom Brady? Here are the blog posts that riled up RCP readers the most this year.

10. Ballmer Interview Hints at Surface Tablets from $300 to $800 (Sept. 18)

FROM THE BLOG: "The prices for the Microsoft Surface devices may range from $300 to $800, according to a big hint from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in a newspaper interview." [Read here.]

9. Widget Brings Start Function Back to Windows 8 (Aug. 29)

READER COMMENT: "Not surprising that 8 has some half-baked ideas along with good ones. Hopefully they will fix this mistake in Win8 SP1 after enough 'Where'd it go?' questions. Until then, I'm sticking with 7, a good release." [Read here.]

8. Polycom Boosts Microsoft Lync-Related Revenues by 135 Percent (Jan. 25)

FROM THE BLOG: "While Polycom officials attributed growth to several key partnerships, including those with IBM, HP, Apple and Lenovo, CFO Mike Kourey called out Microsoft as 'a real highlight.'" [Read here.]

7. The Bottom-Up Phenomenon of Microsoft Metro (Jan. 19)

READER COMMENT: "One modification I would like to see on the Microsoft Windows end of the house is to have each PC present all of the home Metro UI 'front-pages' that displays each users phone/tablet/pc Metro UI page in a block on part of the screen." [Read here.]

6. 5 Opportunities in Windows Server 2012 (Sept. 17)

FROM THE BLOG: "Billing the new server as a 'cloud OS,' Microsoft did a lot of work in this release to integrate Windows Server 2012 with the forthcoming System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 and with Windows Azure to address the changing needs of the IT world." [Read here.]

5. Is Google Evil? Yes and No (Jan. 26)

READER COMMENT: "So we can't trust them with big things like integrity, but we CAN trust them with the small things -- like our privacy? You must have voted for Clinton!" [Read here.]

4. The Early, Early Reviews of Windows 8 Are...Bad (Feb. 29)

READER COMMENT: "You've got to be kidding. There are no 'normal' people paying any attention to a consumer preview -- even of the latest Windows." [Read here.]

3. What Makes Windows Server 2012 a 'Cloud OS' (Sept. 10)

FROM THE BLOG: "Marketing hype aside, the release of Windows Server 2012 culminates a four-year engineering effort to build a common architecture for IT to develop and deploy applications on private, hybrid and public clouds." [Read here.]

2. Microsoft Launches Dynamics Marketing Services Bureau (Jan. 23)

FROM THE BLOG: "The site, located on the Dynamics partner portal PartnerSource, is a unique listing of marketing services delivered by Microsoft-approved vendors." [Read here.]

1. Microsoft Doesn't Need Tom Brady After All (Jan. 23)

READER COMMENT: "I disagree wholeheartedly with the above comments. The Pats are hated, by everyone outside of New England." [Read here.]

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