RCP's 2012 Wrap-Up: The Year in Windows Hardware

From the debut of the Windows 8 Ultrabooks, to the latest raft of Windows Phone devices, to Microsoft's own Surface tablets, Microsoft and its OEM partners have made 2012 the year of bold, new Windows hardware. Here's a roundup of all of RCP's hardware galleries this year, featuring some of the best and most eye-catching devices Microsoft has ever unveiled.

January: CES: 6 Windows Hardware Stunners
While Microsoft had little to announce directly other than Kinect for Windows, OEM partners had plenty to show off. [Read the story here.]

January: The Hardware Behind Windows 8 Developer Preview
Inside the Microsoft Windows 8 development labs, the company had a few dozen PCs and other peripheral devices used to test its first preview of its new OS and Metro interface. Here are nine of them. [Read the story here.]

May: Windows Hardware Gallery: Thinner, Lighter, Faster
When it comes to tech hardware, the trend is unquestionably mobility. In this special feature, we survey the latest in Windows-based mobile hardware -- from ultrabooks to smartphones to tablets. [Read the story here.]

June: Microsoft Surface: Image Gallery
Microsoft President for Windows and Windows Live Steven Sinofsky describes Surface -- the company's first foray into the territory of its OEM partners -- as the "stage" for Windows 8. [Read the story here.]

August: 5 Best Windows Phone 7 Devices: A Recap
Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 era devices did make a mark -- they generated intense loyalty from their small base of users, and earned generally positive notice from technology reviewers. [Read the story here.]

October: Windows 8 Ultrabooks Gallery: The First Wave
Most of the buzz surrounding Windows 8 involves tablets, but there's another class of device that Windows 8 will enable that so far has gotten less attention: the touch-capable Ultrabook. [Read the story here.]

November: Windows 8 Ultrabooks Gallery, Part 2: Convertibles and More
We shine the spotlight on five more early Ultrabook models from Lenovo, Dell and others that are looking to take advantage of Microsoft's touch focus in Windows 8. [Read the story here.]

November: Windows Phone 8 Gallery: The First Devices
Microsoft is staking its mobile success on its just-launched smartphone platform, Windows Phone 8. Here's what we know about the Windows Phone 8 devices that have been announced to date. [Read the story here.]

December: Windows RT Gallery: 5 Standouts
Not to be outdone by Microsoft's own Surface RT offering, OEMs from Dell to ASUS are rolling out their own Windows RT-based tablets. Here are a few of the best. [Read the story here.]

Coming soon: The top news and features of 2012.

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