Microsoft To Consolidate MPN Competencies in November (CHART)

Microsoft is reducing the number of competencies in the Microsoft Partner Network this month from 29 to 25 -- with most of the consolidation occurring related to the SharePoint and developer specialties.

See the flow chart below to learn how the competencies will change this month:

[Click on image for larger view.]

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Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.

Reader Comments

Tue, Nov 13, 2012 Arnie Mondloch Director - ISV Field Strategy

Kelvin - Thanks for your feedback. We felt that "Application Development" was a more accurate description of the competency, since it includes an ISV track and a custom application development track. We also are encouraging ISV's to qualify under the ISV track in their related solution competency (e.g. if the ISV builds a MS CRM add on, they should join the CRM competency) vs. the more generic application development competency), as we believe that is the more likely place for customers to find partners with solutions for which they are looking. I hope that helps explain some of the reason for the changes. Happy to talk further - you can reach me at

Thu, Nov 1, 2012 Kelvin Kirby

Interesting that Microsoft has chosen to drop the ISV name. Personally I believe this is a mistake. Customers know exactly what ISV's are, and the ISV "name" has a long legacy (which will be dificult to ditch in the IT world per se). Everyone knows who and what an ISV is. Whilst I am the worlds biggest champion of Microsoft, sometimes it is frustrating to see things that appear to change for the sake of change. Just because we move to the cloud does not mean we stop being an ISV. We will always be an ISV and will always be referred to as an ISV, but now we lose the competency called "ISV" and have it replaced with "Application Development". Sure application development is what we as an ISV do, so on the surface the reasoning might appear sound, but we are still an ISV, which means we don't JUST do appdev. But when something isn't broken you shouldn't need to fix it ! :-) Microsoft must learn the value of stability in the MPN space otherwise they will just continue to confuse and alienate partners, and that will also confuse customers. Sorry Microsoft, I love what you do and your technology is the best but lets get real about how partners are going to keep pace with the continual and persistent changes now being imposed on them.

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