RCP's 2011 Round-Up: The 10 Most Popular Blogs of the Year

10. Evading ECHELON, Osama E-Mailed Extensively in Exile (May 13)
FROM THE BLOG: Judging from the cloak-and-dagger precautions he took, he may have been taking pointers from "The Wire." [Read the story here.]

9. Windows Phone 7 To Hit the Verizon Network This Week (May 23)
FROM THE BLOG: Getting Windows Phone 7 onto the Verizon network is one more critical piece in Microsoft's long game in the smartphone market. [Read the story here.]

8. Windows Phone 7 Actually Manages To Lose Market Share (March 7)
READER COMMENT: "I'll give you a big reason why WP7 in its current incarnation will not succeed: Microsoft isn't listening to what their customers WANT." [Read the story here.]

7. Windows 8: Put It on Tablets, Keep It Off PCs (June 2)
READER COMMENT: "This blog could have been easily written with the simple 'Get off my lawn, Windows 8!'" [Read the story here.]

6. Windows Phone 7 Needs To Get Down to Business (Aug. 4)
READER COMMENT: "Lee, I can't believe I'm saying this, but YOU'RE 100% CORRECT!" [Read the story here.]

5. On Steve Jobs, Illness and a Last Burst of Creativity (Oct. 7)
FROM THE BLOG: For someone who has said he always sensed death over his shoulder, knowing which of death's horsemen was most likely to catch him appeared to be incredibly motivating for Jobs. [Read the story here.]

4. 5 Reasons Why I Hate Twitter (March 21)
READER COMMENT: "I hate Twitter too...But I sure wish it was my idea. And I'll bet everyone else wishes it was their idea, including Pender." [Read the story here.]

3. Microsoft Pinpoint Heading for a Million Leads? (March 14)
READER COMMENT: "It really baffles me why a Microsoft partner WOULDN'T invest the relatively brief amount of time to create and post a profile in Pinpoint." [Read the story here.]

2. Windows Phone 7.5 'Mango': First Impressions (Oct. 3)
FROM THE BLOG: It's been less than 24 hours since he got the the much-anticipated smartphone update, but Scott's experience has been positive...mostly. [Read the story here.]

1. 4 Obstacles Windows Phone 7 Mango Must Overcome To Succeed (June 16)
FROM THE BLOG: The main takeaway from this entry is that the Boston Bruins are 2011 Stanley Cup champions. That's the important thing here. [Read the story here.]

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