Microsoft Ranks No. 1 in 'Most-Hated' Software Vendor Survey

Microsoft has claimed the dubious honor of being named the most-hated software vendor worldwide, according to a survey by opinion-tracking firm Amplicate.

In compiling the survey, Amplicate used data from Facebook and Twitter postings, as well as comments submitted directly to its Web site. According to the company, Microsoft has a 70 percent "hate" score, with a large portion of survey participants criticizing Microsoft products for being expensive and unreliable.

"Yes, Microsoft is just out there for the money," wrote User-324fmu. "Suing Android manufacturers, and making them pay to use the free operating system. Heck, Micro$oft didn't even do anything on that OS! Why should they get money out of something they didn't make?"

Other notable companies in the Top 10 include Adobe (with a 60 percent "hate" rating), Oracle (78 percent), Mozilla (63 percent) and Citrix (69 percent).

On the other side of the coin, topping the "love" list is Apple, which has a 68 percent favorable rating. While many pointed out the expensive cost of Apple products, survey participants felt the company makes up for it with quality.

"Some complain of it [Apple] having a high price...but for a product that is 300% higher quality is a bargain in my opinion," wrote Ryan L.

Companies joining Apple on the "love" list include IBM (with a 92 percent "love" score), Cisco (68 percent), VMware (67 percent), (72 percent) and security firm Kaspersky (86 percent).

Amplicate's positive and negative software company lists can be found here. The ratings were based on 17,981 opinions.

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Chris Paoli (@ChrisPaoli5) is the associate editor for Converge360.